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"Graditude Roots"

We provide bursaries or supplies for school-age children from low-income families. Applications or referrals may be requested. Contact us today.

Graditude Roots Foundation

In July 2020, we founded Graditude Roots Foundation, a non-profit organization run by committed volunteers. The global pandemic has brought predicament and despair to many people, and we have decided to infuse belief and hope in them. This is the main reason that Graditude Roots Foundations was founded as a volunteer-driven organization.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to raise funds to provide support for school-age kids in financial hardships, aiming to promote equal educational opportunities in local communities and beyond.
Graditude Roots Funds
  • Graditude Roots Funds are from the $1 donations from countless high school graduates
  • The funds varying from $20 to $100 aim to support students’ club activities, competitions, school supplies, etc.
  • Students from kindergarten to grade 12 are eligible to apply if they currently live in British Columbia and are from low-income families.
  • An application must be signed by one of the following: a parent/guardian, a school teacher, or a representative from a social service organization. Referral may be required.
  • The committee of Graditude Roots Funds will review the application to decide the amount and the format of assistance.
Reading Pals
  • A volunteer reading pal reads with a school-age child from low-income families using Zoom meeting or MS Teams meeting. Restricted conditions may apply.
Our Programs

Graditude Roots Foundation 100% relies on fundraisers and donors to help fulfill our mission. We accept donations via e-transfer or cheque. We appreciate every donation.

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